About Us

I was born in Taunton MA and grew up in Prospect ME. Prospect is a small farming town in mid-coast region of Maine about half way between Belfast and Bangor. Prospect is probably best known for Fort Knox Maine's largest historic fort, features stunning military architecture and master granite craftsmanship. Learn more about Fort Knox here.

I met my wife Ginger as the result of a blind date... Can't say that blind dates can't work. We were married 9 months later on May 20th. 1989 and had our son Orion in May 1990. Our daughter Britni was born January of 1992. We spent the first few years of our marriage in Maine. We moved to the Illinois in June 1994.

It was a big transition from the small town(approx. 350 people) in rural Maine to the hustle and bustle of the Chicago suburbs. We adjusted quickly and found that we really like it there. We have found the hospitality of the mid-west to be very similar to that which we left. For that we were grateful.

We are in the process of becomming empty nesters so to speakd and have recently moved back to Brooks which is a small rural town in the mid-coast region of Maine. We are glad to be back to our roots so to speak. We are in the process of building a new home in Monroe Maine and you can find more information on that from the Our New Home links on the left menu.

Donald & Ginger Lundgren
268 Dickey Hill Road
Monroe, ME 04951