Clearing Trees

Well, we started with a fully wooded lot with just a driveway in place. Time to cut stuff down... ;-)

Here we are clearing the area for the septic system as it will be going in almost first thing. 

Here we are clearing the area for the well driller who will be the first one on the job.

Now sometimes the trees are leaning the wrong way and we need to convince them to go where we want. That was the case with a large tree that was at the end of the driveway. It needed to come down for power to be run and as it was leaning it would have fallen on power lines. So we hooked it up via a rope to my truck and had my daughter pull it into driveway as I cut it down.

It worked!

Area all cleared for septic system.

  Area all cleared for well.
Donald & Ginger Lundgren
268 Dickey Hill Road
Monroe, ME 04951