The Foundation System

We have decided upon a post and pier foundation system. This system when done properly remains as stable as any other foundation and is far less expensive to build. We had a house once that had this system in place and had no issues so are replicating that here.

First we had to have the holes dug down 5 feet to ensure we are below the frost line. I could not get it in one shot so here is a composite of 3 shots to show the holes for the piers. Looks like a war zone and a bunch of fox holes.

Then we had to put in our batter boards and determine the 4 corner locations and level.

Then we have to put in our concrete footings for the piers to be put on. This helps to spread the load out over a much larger area than the post itself. Often times people do not do this step and that can lead to piers being pushed up by frost grabbing the post or settling because of to small a surface are for the load to be transferred to the gound. And yes if the next photos look dark in the background it is because it was almost dark when we did this part. We really wanted that first footing in that night.

Next morning the footing is all in and ready for the pier to be placed upon it. Does not look like much from here but it is 5 feet down in ground and 18 inches square. some of the gravel fell in on it so I had to clean that off before we put the pier form on it.

Setting, leveling and bracing the pier form. Then we backfilled it part way for added support and to keep everything in place.

Now to fill the pier form with concrete and remove any air bubbles and such.

Man is it a lot of work. I did remember that I had a 1992 cement mixer who was a big help to me.

Then we had to fill all the holes back in. That was a royal pain in the butt. It took us the better part of 3 days to do that by hand.

Hey I even got my daughters boyfriend to help... did warn him to be nice to my daughter or we would use him as fill.....

We did figure out we could use the 4 wheeler to do some of it which helped alot. A backhoe would have been handy but an expense we did not want to do.

Finnally all done and ready for actual building..... WOW a lot of work.



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